• ●The uneven surface of the treads increases the frictional resistance and makes it easier to climb up and down than ordinary stair materials.
  • ●The natural wood veneer gives the stairs a more dignified appearance.
  • ●It is also available in custom colors. (A color sample of the handboard is required. Some colors are not available.
  • ●This is a JAS F☆☆☆☆ certified product.

Specification of RoughStep

Select from three colors: natural, brown, and dark brown

dark brown
dark brown

Notes on RoughStep

  • ・Special colors are available by special order. (Hand board color samples are required. Some colors are not available for mixing)
  • ・Since natural wood veneer is used, the color and pattern of each component will vary slightly.
  • 【When new】
  • ・The size of the product can be ordered.
  • 【In case of renovation】
  • ・Please make sure to check the condition of the underlying stairs (whether there is any tread ringing) before installation. Even if you install the renovation stairs, there is a possibility that the tread will be affected by the existing stairs.
  • ・Please use both adhesives and hidden nails (e.g. pin tacker) for installation.

Catalogs & Manuals

[Reforming Stairs] Product Catalog
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[Reforming Stairs] Instruction Manual
View instruction manual
[Reforming Stairs] Drawing
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Construction image


How Roughstep was commercialized

It all started with an order from a nationwide pub chain to use natural wood laminated plywood with a floating finish for their interior walls.
I still remember the feeling of dignity when I first saw the unevenness of the wood grain produced by the brushing machine. I thought it would be a good design and less slippery if used as a surface material for stairs.

Our commitment to RoughStep

In making the product, not all species are suitable for Ukizukuri, and we tried various species to find suitable materials.
By carving the soft part of the summer eye with the rotation of the brush, the floating structure is artificially created. At first, however, it was difficult to commercialize the product due to a lot of rustling and catching on stockings and socks.

In addition, the unsteady pressure of brushing by hand caused uneven paint suction, resulting in uneven coating. We tried different brush materials and rotation speeds to solve the problem of rustling, and also built a special machine through trial and error to apply brushes at a constant pressure.

After that, I was really happy when a construction company praised the design and functionality of our products when I did a PR campaign with samples in hand.
Today, we provide nationwide delivery to major house builders.


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