Keep up with the latest information

Keep up with the latest information and with our customers

Plywood is used in a variety of areas in our daily lives, from housing materials to furniture, musical instruments, and ships, and new products are being created every day to keep up with the rapidly changing times.

In this situation, what we can do is to look one step ahead into the future, catch up with the latest information as quickly as possible, and sometimes lead our customers to deliver our products to their customers.

In order to stay on the cutting edge, we must always remember the spirit of challenge. Without action, there is no result. A challenging attitude can create change.


As a professional, Propose the best solution for your needs

In order to satisfy our customers, it is not enough for us to just accept orders, but we also listen to the contents and uses of the products to understand their needs and make professional proposals.

In order to achieve this goal, employees should exchange opinions, grow, and engage in friendly competition with each other to improve the company`s performance and the quality of its services.

As a plywood company with various aspects of manufacturer, wholesaler, development and manufacturing, Our needs are diverse.

Here are just a few examples of some of the products we frequently deal with, as well as some niche products.

General housing

  • ・Wall, floor, and roof sheathing
  • ・Flooring, wall finishes, interior materials
  • ・Stairs, desks, chairs, shelves/li>

For construction

  • ・Concrete formwork
  • ・Scaffolding boards
  • ・Paving boards
  • ・Temporary fencing

Furniture and fittings

  • ・Japanese and Western chests of drawers, chairs, desks
  • ・Clogs, cupboards, bookcases
  • ・System kitchen
  • ・Doors, doors, shelves, waist boards


  • ・Bulletin boards, signs, props
  • ・Buddhist altars, coffins, Shinto altars
  • ・Park playground equipment, paint boxes

It is said that products with low demand often have little movement and therefore cannot be handled.
However, we have a wide variety of products in stock, and we are always ready to help you. However, we have a rich lineup and inventory, and we are ready to meet your expectations.
However, we have a wide range of products and stock to meet the expectations of our customers.


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