The SDGs led by the United Nations are The Sustainable Development Goals that the international community aims to achieve by 2030.
It is organized into 17 goals and 169 targets.
KOYOJU Plywood Corporations also agrees with that philosophy, aiming for sustainable development that considers the environment and society.
We will promote SDGs activities through our business activities.

Creating a Healthy and Safe Workplace

We will strive to create a healthy and energetic workplace by improving the work environment where diverse employees can play an active role, promoting the enhancement of leave systems, etc.

  • Implementation of regular health checkups
  • Efforts to introduce systems for maternity leave, childcare leave, and nursing care leave
  • Active acceptance of foreign technical intern trainees
  • Prohibition of harassment specified in work regulations
  • Improving work efficiency by introducing a web conferencing system
  • Improving productivity by actively introducing ICT technology and advanced manufacturing machinery

Sustainable business activities

In order to create the future natural environment as well as the current natural environment, we will work on waste reduction and recycling, and aim to conserve the global environment and realize a recycling society.

  • Registration for Hokkaido Green Biz Certification
  • Thorough Waste Separation and Recycling Management
  • Efforts to implement environmental education and training
  • Acquisition of JAS and non-combustibility certification for the factory and low form debit certification
  • Promotion of energy saving such as paperless and introduction of LED lighting

Legally compliant company

We will work together as a company to comply with laws and regulations, thoroughly manage information, and prevent fraud.

  • Thorough enforcement of reporting, contacting, and soliciting rules
  • Regular implementation of compliance study sessions
  • Initiatives for information security measures
  • Thorough alcohol check for drivers
  • Identifying operational risks and examining risk countermeasures
  • Efforts to improve operations by reflecting customer feedback

Coexistence with Local Communities

As a member of the local community, we will contribute to building a foundation for a sustainable local community by promoting local employment and cooperating with the local economy.

  • Cooperation with local events and various organizations
  • Active recruitment of local human resources
  • Proactive use of domestic and Hokkaido wood
  • Active utilization of local employment promotion timber by introduction of extended employment system for the elderly
  • Cooperation with local companies at each business site


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