We, KOYOJU PLYWOOD Corporation, we`re established in 1971 in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, the "city of furniture.
As a plywood wholesaler, we manufacture and sell a variety of wood-related products, including natural wood decorative plywood, store fixtures, and housing materials.
In our 50 years of history, we have faced many obstacles, but we have always challenged ourselves to do new things and have been active until today.

Our company motto is "No action, no result," and we place importance on the spirit of challenge.
We are open to people of any age, gender, or nationality, as long as they are able to challenge and grow with us.
Let's work together to grow the company and challenge ourselves so that our employees and their families can lead richer lives.


Sales Staff

Sales Staff

Location: Asahikawa Sapporo

We are looking for an experienced sales person to join our team in Asahikawa, Sapporo. This position will be selling mainly plywood and other wood-based materials.
Plywood is used in a wide range of industries including the world's leading apparel brands, store fixture manufacturers, house builders, export pallet manufacturers, and coffin makers.

Administrative staff

Administrative staff

Location: Asahikawa

Clerical work includes sales, accounting, and manufacturing clerical work.
The main duties of manufacturing clerks are to prepare instructions for transferring orders to the production process, pick up and order materials, calculate costs, prepare invoices, and arrange for delivery.

Warehouse management and delivery staff

Warehouse management and delivery staff

Location: Asahikawa Sapporo

Warehouse management involves the use of forklifts to unload orders and receive incoming goods. You will also be responsible for monthly inventory checks. Delivery is done by truck (2 ton, 4 ton uniq, hiace). Deliveries are mainly to factories or job sites.

Manufacturing Staff

Manufacturing Staff

Location: Asahikawa Sapporo Gunma

Mainly engaged in manufacturing of natural wood laminated plywood and store fixtures.
For natural wood laminated plywood, I mainly work on laminating veneers, and I also pack "treads" and "wax boards" for stairs with cardboard. The manufacturing of store fixtures involves a series of manufacturing processes, including NC machine operation and assembly. We also do on-site installation work.

Team Koyoju creates a master-disciple relationship

To pass on the skills that have been handed down to us.
At KOYOJU PLYWOOD, we provide thorough one-on-one instruction.
We create an environment that allows for steady growth and the pursuit of high-quality products.


Becoming an indispensable human resource for the company

8th year
in the company
Manufacturing Division,
Head Office

A sense of responsibility in handling the company's money

Seventh year
in the company
Accounting Department,
Head Office

The joy of building relationships

Second year
at the company
Kanto Branch Office

Thankful to be a part of KOYOJU PLYWOOD CORPORATION

Sixth year
in the company
Kanto Branch Office

Experiencing daily growth from an unknown start

Third year
in the company
Sapporo Branch

To be a person who is trusted by everyone

9th year
in the company
Sapporo Branch


Here are some of the company events that we have actually held at Koyoju Plywood.
Communication among employees is essential for good work.
By creating an environment where employees can work with smiles on their faces, we are working every day to impress our customers.



Document Application

Submission address: Asahikawa Head Office
Asahikawa, Japan 071-8112
2-137-372, Higashi2jyo, Higashitakasu, Asahikawa-shi KOYOJU PLYWOOD CORPORATION
Personnel Section, General Affairs Department

Required documents

・Entry sheet
・Transcript of Academic Record


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