developing unique products

Seeking out the needs of customers and developing unique products

At KOYOJU PLYWOOD, we have been creating new values while searching for the needs of our customers in accordance with the changing times.
The products that have been created are rough steps made of natural wood laminated plywood, custom-made production wagons and store fixtures that are tailored to the production of high brands.

Our integrated system of listening to our customer`s concerns and undertaking everything from design to manufacturing and installation is what allows us to create products that delight our customers.


System stair unit Rough Step

System stair unit "Rough Step"

This staircase unit is designed to prevent slipping while walking and is safe.
The surface of the natural wood laminated plywood is specially processed to prevent slippage during ascending and descending, reducing the cause of tumbling.
Not only is it safe, but it also allows you to enjoy the solid texture of natural wood and beautifully finishes the design and interior without compromising on the quality.

Store production stage Produce Wagon

Store production stage Produce Wagon

We can custom make them to fit the staging of your brand store. Since we use natural wood laminated plywood, you can expect a wonderful finish with beautiful wood grain.
Please use it to create a relaxing and unique space!

Store fixtures

Store fixtures

We handle wagon fixtures specialized for the distribution and retail industry, and are used in supermarkets and home centers.
We have accumulated know-how over many years of production, and strive to improve the quality to satisfy our customers.


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