Natural Wood Laminated Plywood

Natural Wood Laminated Plywood

Ideal for building walls, fittings, furniture, etc.

Natural wood laminated plywood is a product made by attaching a thin veneered sheet of wood with beautiful grain and surface (called veneer) to a fiberboard such as plywood or MDF.
It is used for walls, fittings, and furniture.

In addition, nonflammable decorative plywood, which is made by attaching veneer to a nonflammable base material, can be used as an interior finishing material for buildings because it complies with the interior restrictions of the Building Standards Law.

Features of Natural Wood Laminated Plywood

Use of legally certified wood

The veneer used in our decorative plywood is manufactured from legally certified logs.
Our company has obtained business certification from the National Federation of Natural Wood Laminated Veneer Industry Cooperative Associations as a certification of legality.
Number: ※Zentenren #026
(※Japan Natural Wood Laminated Veneer Industry Cooperative Association)

Sick house measures

The decorative plywood base board we handle is made from JAS standard products with formaldehyde emission grade registration F☆☆☆☆.
In addition, we use F☆☆☆☆-compliant JAS- and JIS-standard adhesives and paints for manufacturing.

Species of Natural Wood Laminated Plywood

We offer a variety of wood species from around the world.
You can choose the one that best suits your needs.
Please feel free to contact us. Please feel free to contact us.

  • White Oak
  • Oak (esp. Quercus serrata)
  • Tamo
  • Walnut
  • Spruce
  • Paulownia
  • Tamo block
  • Hard maple
  • birch
  • Karin
  • Black cherry
  • Cedar
  • Hinoki
  • Aomori Hiba
  • Douglas fir
  • Kiri
  • White birch
  • Silver heart
  • Yellow pine
  • Rosewood
  • Bubinga

You can also select how to paste according to the application

Since the expression of wood differs depending on how it is pasted, we will express it according to the purpose, so please contact us.

  1. Single-sided paste
  2. Double-sided
  3. Diagonal paste
  4. Vertical / horizontal follow-up pasting
  5. Paste one

Reference dimension table of natural wood decorative plywood

For natural wood decorative plywood, we can provide decorative boards up to 1,200 mm wide, which are used for various purposes such as walls, fittings, and furniture.

thickness Width length
2.5mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
2.5mm 910mm〜920mm 2130mm〜2150mm
2.5mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
4mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
4mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
5.5mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
5.5mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm


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