Wood fiber plate used for furniture and building materials

MDF is a type of wood fiberboard that is formed by converting wood into fiber and then adding glue or synthetic resin.
MDF stands for "medium density fiberboard" and is also known as medium-quality fiberboard.

Features of MDF

Clean cutting surface that is ideal for engraving and curved surface processing Hard and smooth surface with excellent dimensional stability.

It is also ideal for engraving and curved surface processing because the cut surface is beautifully smooth. It can also be used for painting.
If screws or nails are hammered into the wood surface, cracks are likely to occur, and it is also susceptible to moisture, so care must be taken where it is used.

Applications of MDF

MDF is used for structural materials that do not require strength, such as doors, side panels, and back panels of furniture and kitchens, and construction materials of housing materials.

Reference dimensions of MDF

Thickness Width Length
2.5mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
2.5mm 1220mm〜1230mm 1820mm〜1830mm
2.5mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
4mm 1220mm〜1230mm 1820mm〜1830mm
4mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
5.5mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
5.5mm 1220mm〜1230mm 1820mm〜1830mm
5.5mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
7mm 1220mm〜1230mm 1820mm〜1830mm
9mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
9mm 1220mm〜1230mm 1820mm〜1830mm
9mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
12mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
12mm 1220mm〜1230mm 1820mm〜1830mm
12mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
15mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
15mm 1220mm〜1230mm 1820mm〜1830mm
15mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
18mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
18mm 1220mm〜1230mm 1820mm〜1830mm
18mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
21mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
21mm 1220mm〜1230mm 1820mm〜1830mm
21mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
24mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
24mm 1220mm〜1230mm 1820mm〜1830mm
24mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
30mm 1220mm〜1230mm 1820mm〜1830mm


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