Plywood made from plantation trees

Falcata plywood is a plywood made from plantation wood.

Features of Falcata Plywood

Lightweight and easy to handle, popular for DIY

"Falcata" is a leguminous plantation tree that grows in Southeast Asia.
Because it grows very fast, the material is soft and light.
The surface is white and beautiful. It is lightweight and easy to handle, so it has become very popular as a DIY material in recent years. However, it is not strong enough to hold nails or screws, so care must be taken.
Because of the background of global restrictions on timber harvesting, its existence has been attracting attention in recent years.

Applications of Falcata Plywood

Since the material is soft and relatively weak in strength, it is used as a base for furniture that does not require significant weight.
Recently, it has been devised to be mixed and laminated with hard wood veneer, and can be used as a construction base, building material base, and furniture base like lauan plywood.

Reference Dimensions for Falcata Plywood

Thickness Width Length
8.6mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
11.6mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm


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