Typical plywood used as a surface material

China plywood is a typical plywood used as a surface material in construction scenes.

Features of china plywood

Smooth surface, ideal for painting

"China" is a member of the linden family, and plywood with china attached to the surface is called china plywood. (The core board is made of lauan.)
The dense and smooth surface of china allows for easy painting and a beautiful finish.

Quasi-double-sided with a beautiful finish

It is also made as "water-resistant plywood" using water-resistant adhesives.
It is also made as a "quasi-double-sided" standard with a beautiful finish on both sides.

Plywood for dieboards with little warpage

There is a "co-core plywood" that also uses china for the core board.
It is also used as a plywood for dieboard because of its beautiful small edge, good workability, and low warpage.

Applications of china plywood

China plywood is widely used as a surface material for construction and furniture due to its warm atmosphere and beautiful grain.
The relatively low cost of plywood for natural wood surfaces is one of the factors behind its widespread use.

Reference dimension table for china plywood

Thickness Width Length
3mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
3mm 910mm〜920mm 2130mm〜2150mm
3mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
4mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
4mm 910mm〜920mm 2130mm〜2150mm
4mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
5.5mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
5.5mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
9mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
9mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
12mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
12mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
15mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
15mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
18mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
18mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
21mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
21mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm
24mm 910mm〜920mm 1820mm〜1830mm
24mm 1220mm〜1230mm 2430mm〜2440mm


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